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02 February, 2008

Raytracing/GI links

Opensource unbiased renderer, based on the excellent PBRT

OMPF forum (intresting also as a general programming resource)

Metropolis-Hanstings and Mandelbrot fractal


Alessandro Monopoli said...

Nice blog! You surely know what you are writing :) This is a great source for every programmer, experiencend and not.

This is bookmarked now :D

Unknown said...

cool that you mentioned luxrender and ompf :) are you registered on any of those? i'm lyc / lycium.

neat blog, gonna read through it eventually :)

DEADC0DE said...

Lycium, I surely know you by fame, and by your posts on OMPF, and by the sources of your old C++ RTRT (but the ones from lonelycoders were better :P). No, unfortunately I'm only a lurker on that forum. Raytracing is one of my main interests (as is demoscene), expecially GI and MC. But as now I'm working in realtime rendering for games, I really don't have time for that. It's a shame. Do you run a blog too?