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24 April, 2008

At last, at least

NVidia published an article about using SAS with FX Composer.

I did like the old (1.x) FX Composer, and I was really disappointed by the new one, but at least now I can know how to use SAS annotations and scripting. I wasn't ever able to found anything on them on internet (they are/were Microsoft standard annotations but there's nothing useful on them on the directx sdk documentation).
Strange thing that they wrote this now, wasn't Collada FX supposed to be used instead of SAS in the new FX Composer?

Note: non-semantic stuff is well documented in the DirectX SDK


Unknown said...

Hi, I got sent a link to your post -- I'm the author of the cited article.

We published it now because the previous SAS docs, which used to be partof the DirectX9 SDK, are no longer maintained by Microsoft.

As for COLLADA-FX... it's great, but doesn't apply to HLSL. So FX Composer supports BOTH.

Thx for the notice!

DEADC0DE said...

Perfect work, I've just finished reading it. I was complaining a lot because I like fx composer, and I used to work with 3dsmax too that has a very bad support of directX shaders but also seems to intepret sas scripting, but no documentation could be found anymore. Not from Microsoft (that as you said removed it from the DirectX SDK), not everywhere else! So my fx-composer prototyping abilities where severely limited...

Recently I wrote a proposal for an article for the next ShaderX book, and I tried to do a prototype with fx composer 2, I was so disappointed by the lack of documentation that I switched back to the older version (that was still lacking but I at least know how to use it because I did experiment a lot with that one).

Now, after your article, I'm considering to try again the newer one.