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18 March, 2009

At last! Double-click highlighting in VS!

I’ve finally found a vs plugin that emulates the word highlighting of the excellent (and opensource) Notepad++.

Basically, whenever you doubleclick to select a word, all the occurrences of that word in the sourcecode are automatically highlighted.

Download and install it now (rockscroll)

Oooh, just noticed, this is my 100th post! Ok, so here's a bonus link: :P

Update: oh shit, RockScroll rocks so much indeed, that now I miss its code thumbnails when I have to use notepad++! Aaaargh!

Update: new project!


Anonymous said...

One of the recent versions of Visual Assist also added this feature.

e-we said...

How recent? The version I've got is just a few weeks old and it doesn't do it. Only if you select 'find references'.
Anyway this is something that has been anoying me for a while.
Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Yeah RockScroll is great - also highlights breakpoints with a red dot on the right and changed lines with orange down the left (with saved changes in blue).

You may find with RockScroll that every once in a while when you close a file / tab in VS and it won't close properly (all syntax highlighting disappears so it seems like VS thinks the file is closed) - you can't actually close that file now until you shutdown VS, but this is very rare.