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07 March, 2010



My current favorite: Bad company 2, outdoors it totally nails the look. 
Mass effect 2 has some very nice lighting in some real-time non playable sequences but its skin model is remarkably flat. 
Fight Night is impressive too, it's by far the most complicated of them all in terms of lighting and skin effects, and it's the only one that has no shadowmap problems...

p.s. My job/goal this year is to beat them all. It will be tough, and it is stressful... We'll see.


DanielW said...

Where's uncharted 2?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. May I ask how you created the color charts?

DEADC0DE said...

Anonymous: The spheres are hand painted by sampling the appropriate colors, the blurred stuff is a photoshop median filter, the luminosity and hues are masked filters, still in photoshop. All it's done using layers so it's a quick process after you've done the first. Then I've white-balanced all the results, using levels on the flattened image.

Jim Hejl said...

I believe that FN4 uses the technique described in ShaderX7 (I'm one of the authors of that chapter - I'm just not sure what the FN4 team used or didn't use)

It's a fun topic, human skin is a very difficult rendering problem. The screen space diffusion isn't without faults; but it was fast enough to ship in a 60hz game : )

If you want to discuss, e-mail me:

jim dot hejl at amd dot com

Anonymous said...

From what I know FN did not ship with SSS in gameplay. I vastly optimized the uv space blur technique but in the end I'm not going to ship with it. I've reasoned about it and found that in the end you can use hacks that are even more or less reasonable on the math, look good and are superfast. For some inspiration I'll suggest the skin shadin article on d'Artiste by Stahlberg.

- deadbeef