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31 May, 2010

Some links...

No time to work on the blog lately. Just posting some links.

Agenda Cycling Forth - Another masterpiece by Fairlight & Carillon & Cyberiad

Every Program There Is - A 9-part exploration into computational linguistics.

OpenCL Studio - nice OpenCL IDE

Practical Examples in Data Oriented Design - again shows why the scenetree is a retarded idea, but it's more that just that

LibC++ - an alternative to libstc++

Clojure Protocols - nice insights on language design

RSA Animate Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us - must see if you're in a leadership position

I won't post the link here, but I feel relieved that finally Intel killed Larrabee. Even if it could have been a cool toy for some kids, I think it they succeeded to put it into a gaming console (the only way in my point of view, it could have survived commercially on a consumer-level. I doubt on PC-DirectX it could have ever made much sense) it would have been for the industry only a chore, worse than what ps3 turned out to be.

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