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28 September, 2011

Fight Night Champion Rendering @ GDC

I wrote so much for Fight Night Champion over the years, but not much can be found on the internet. I crafted at least five presentations for it, three mostly internal for the team on Fight Night 4 analysis and pre-production, one on the various prototypes and ideas done to exit pre-production, to share ideas with the other EA teams, and one for GDC after the game was done, which was refined and presented by my (awesome!) colleague Vicky Ferguson when I left EA (you should see the recording of her presentation, and she also presented for FN4 at the previous GDC which was very cool too).

Unfortunately the slides of this last one were not published (a couple could be found here, but they are pretty useless)... until now. 

At the beginning I thought about writing more detalied blog articles about many of the experiments that were done, but many of them do not really need that much space, some others were rediscovered and published by others (i.e. pre-blurred SSS, bent normals SSAO), and I think FNC was more about the process than the final tech (in fact, the lengthy presentation never goes into the detail of what at the end were the final FNC shaders!), so...

This is a "director's cut" of the GDC slides, it's way more verbose (not meant for presentation) and with much more material.

Enjoy! [update: moved out of Scribd]

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r0ots said...

This is not related to this thread particularly : Thanks for all your sharings, in your blog and in google reader! You're one of my favorite source of information!