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28 November, 2011

Google reader share

So, some of you have noticed that my google reader share is dead (not updated anymore). That's not me being lazy, but google being a bit evil and trying to shove google+ down our throats by killing the old facilities instead of integrating plus into the existing stuff. So, there is no reader share anymore, and my iPad newsreader (reeder), which was responsible of most of the share posts, does not support google+ yet. Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

It's a pity, I quite enjoyed yours (and other) feeds. I'm currently using the G+ sharing, but it's not the same, other people can't decide to follow just my tech sharing. I've not found a good solution yet.

Post when you've figured out what you're doing and I'll see if I can resurrect my stream.

pixelsnack said...

I'm very disappointed too for the lack of the share, comments and note feature that made Google Reader famous for developers.
Fortunately someone is currently working on an alternative:

It will have these old cool features and much more so I think it is promising.

stay tuned.