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21 July, 2017

A programmer's sightseeing tour: Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks (slides)

Made some slides for a lunch'n'learn following the content of my previous blog posts on machine learning and deep neural networks.

Unfortunately, had to censor practically all of the last part which was talking about some applications which we haven't yet published or might have details we didn't publish (and yes, I could have just taken them out, but it was fun to paint black splotches instead).

Also, when I do these things I tend to spice things up by trying new tools and styles (often the same for one-man programming projects). This time I made the slides (in one day) using Paper on an iPad Pro, was quite fun!



Royi said...


How did you create this PDF?
Could you tell a little bit about it?

DEADC0DE said...

It was done with an ipad app called "paper" on an ipad pro with the apple pen.