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30 July, 2008

Celebration of light

It's summer, and as always in Vancouver there's a firework competition that lasts a week. It's called celebration of light.

I was there, with my friends, looking at the show. After a while I said to Fabio: "I wonder if they have some kind of software for prototyping that or if they spend a lot of money...", "I was thinking about writing that from the very beginning of the show" he interrupted me.



Anonymous said...

I live in Japan where there is a lot of firework in summer...

And I had the same idea actually too.
Making a realistic firework simulator, trying to handle the mass, consumption of each explosive inside the firework... basically simulating the whole structure.

I am pretty sure they do not use software but just plain experience and craftsman work. :-)

DEADC0DE said...

I think that even just something that simulates the visual result, and helps with the placement and timing of the fireworks to achieve a better choreography could be really nice, if they don't have something like that yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh you mean for LAUNCHING the fireworks ?

I do think they do use computer actually, I have seen some of them synchronized with music ;-)

I was thinking that you were talking about the DESIGN of the firework itself.

In japan we have funny one like "Hello Kitty" or in form of smiley, glasses, etc... they do hell of a good job in design, but I was wondering about a software to design the explosion itself. :-)

Ah... geeks :-P

Anonymous said...

This is the standard software for the industry: