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18 July, 2008

ShaderX 6

Just finished to read it (very lazily, I'm also reading Geometric Algebra for Computer Science, that looks promising).
My picks from it:
  • Rendering Filtered Shadow with Exponential Shadow Maps (that you should already know...)
  • Interactive Global Illumination with Precomputed Radiance Maps (very nice extension to lightmaps...)
Also very intresting:
  • Stable Rendering of Cascaded Shadow Maps (a lot of nasty, useful details)
  • Practical Methods for a PRT-Based Shader Using Spherical Harmonics (even more nasty details)
  • Care and Feeding of Normal Vectors (that, again, you should already know...)
  • Computing Per-Pixel Object Thickness in a Single Render Pass (easy and nice)
  • Deferred Rendering Using a Stencil Routed K-Buffer
  • A Fexible Material System in Design

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