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15 March, 2011

DOF Test

Scaled to 300% to ease viewing
(click to enlarge)
It does motion blur as well. Guess how many ms on 360 :)


mg said...

Very blurry! :)

You have pretty heavy artefacts in the lower left corner, switching between blurred- and sharp images. Also a lot of interleaving - is that from the capture or part of the algorithm?

Could it be just a straight blend between prefiltered images, in which case ~1-2ms? Or summed-area-tables (~3ms?)

DEADC0DE said...

I dunno about the interleaving, it shows when brightened and enlarged as I did but not on the original image. It's not a blend between prefiltered images nor SAT, at it's around 1.2ms. Also I said, it supports motion-blur (without changing the timings)...

hb said...

ok ill be the guy to ask - what did u do?

if i had to guess i would say u are doing it brute force - doing a gaussian blur, adapting the number of samples based on distance. and skewing the kernel for MB. seems do-able at this res. close?

DEADC0DE said...

Won't say right now, but your idea is interesting. Sampling though a full 2d kernel is too slow (the blur buffer res is half-HD720, and the radius I achieve is pretty big, actually it could be pushed even further by spacing the samples a bit)