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19 January, 2012

Replacing google share: zootool

There are quite a few bookmarking services on the web today, and I never felt the need to find one until Google shut down its handy reader share feature. So, kinda randomly I picked Zootool and I've been working on sharing some links for a few weeks, so now there is a bit of content and I can publish its feed. Let me know if there are problems, otherwise I'll stick to this one to share my finds in the "rendering et al." category, at least until Reeder does not add support for Google+ :)


Jens Fursund said...

I actually really miss your google share's there were a lot of good tidbits here and there. I just popped your zootool link into Google Reader, it's better than nothing, but I guess one thing that could be a little better is actually including some text from the RSS feed you've grabbed it from, and perhaps make the website (url or name) it is originating from more prominent in the shared item.

PypeBros said...

Not sure I'd leave my blogmarks for zootool, but that may have nothing to do with inherent service quality. I gave pearltree a try, but wasn't quite convinced.

Subscribed to the feed, btw.

DEADC0DE said...

Mhm more than half of the shared items come from combing through hundreds of posts every day on my ipad. I use reeder to do that and that application supports Delicious*, Pinbard and Zootool. If the other two are better (and by better I mean they produce a more informative RSS feed) then I'll consider switching.