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04 January, 2012

This is golden...

This video, by a Bill Dally (NVidia) about chip architectures is so great it deserves its own post:

It probably will tell you thinks you already know, but even if it does, it's worth to see it.


Bram said...

I would, but it's a silver light video.
I can't view it and even if I could install silver light, I would not.
I wish people would use open standards if they have something to share. HTML is not proprietary, why would your web video be?

Anonymous said...

The underlying video can be streamed from this URL: mms://

You can hear the audio in VLC, but it looks like you need Windows Media Player to see the video.

The slides are JPEG images with URLs like this one:

DEADC0DE said...

Bram: I don't know how "open" Silverlight it, .Net itself is a fairly decent standard. Anyhow, I'm guessing Linux... Monolight works decently in my experience. Then yes, I agree, HTML would have been better, to be fair the silverlight app seems to be neat, synchronizes slides with the video and I think it's able to handle live chat and so on, so maybe the reasons they're using it is that they do teleconferencing too? I dunno.