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10 July, 2016

SIGGRAPH 2015: Notes for Approximate Models For Physically Based Rendering

This is a (hopefully temporary) hosting location for the course notes Michal's Iwanicki and I drafted for our presentation at the Physically Based Shading Course last year.

I'm publishing them here because they were mentioned a lot in our on-stage presentation, in fact, we meant that mostly as a "teaser" of the notes but we are still not able to bring them out of the "draft" stage, despite the effort of everyone involved (us and the course organizers, to whom goes our gratitude for the hard work involved in making such a great event happen).

It also doesn't help that in an effort to show an overall methodology, we decided to collate more than a year of various research efforts (which happened independently, for different purposes) into this big document. I still have to work more on my summarization skills.

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Jorge Jimenez said...

The links seem to be broken right now.