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02 January, 2011

Poll results - what will be the next "next-gen"?

As expected, we're mostly developers here, so we all want a new better and bigger console.

61% More of the same. A powerful, traditional console. DX11, 3d etc...
10% Media-less console.

Also, even if publishers would surely love that, most people still believe that the main distribution channel will still be the shelves, and we won't see a medialess console yet.

Interestingly though, if 71% (115 persons) believe in that it also means that there is a substantial amount of people that believe that the console golden era is over, and the gaming will move towards other platforms. Let's see the ranking of the contender platforms:

9% App-store like on a variety of devices.
8% Casual games, novel ways to interact with games.
5% Low-power streaming set-top box.
3% Social gaming, free to play. 
I fear that these numbers are heavily biased by the fact that this is a technical blog. The social platforms and the new devices are becoming huge on the market, with some companies already surpassing in value big names among more traditional publishers. But I do think these new platforms won't replace traditional gaming, just complement it. We'll see.

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