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05 May, 2008


I don't post many links to other sites and news on this blog. That's because I believe that there are plenty of sites that already do an excellent job at this.

Today I want to share you a few RSS feeds, for your reading pleasure. If you look around, you'll find somewhere in my blog a list of RSS readers for various portable devices, my advice is to use them, I'm at the moment reading those feeds with an HTC smartphone (windows ce) on my way to work (usually when I return home I read magazines, books or articles that I print at work).

The following is just a list of what I read, I've selected those sites based on various criterias, signal-to-noise ratio, orthogonality with the other feeds, etc. I expecially hate feeds that do not provide full text as they make harder my offline reading.
And that's what I actually have on my smartphone, probably there are some feeds that I should remove too.
That's not the full list as well, I also read non-programming stuff, photography, politics etc, but let's stick to the topic of this blog. I also have some feeds about generative art, that probably should post as well, maybe at a later time, don't want to make this too long.

  • DevMaster: news, mostly about libraries and tools, not one of my favourites but's it's fast to read and sometimes useful.
  • Tom Forsyth Wiki: one of the old, big names in realtime graphics, everything he writes is interesting.
  • Lab49 Blog: lab 49 provides high-end information services for finance. Its blog is very intresting, a mixed bag of languages, algorithms, high performance computing. A must read.
  • Lambda the ultimate: language theory, way too much for me, but the posts I manage to understand are always nice.
  • Chris Hecker: I guess most people know him, a must read.
  • Power of two games: A startup game company, the blog is about them, agile development, computer engineering. Not updated often.
  • Gooey Bugs: visual studio debugger tips and tricks. Not updated often.
  • Wolfram Blog: mostly advertisement, from the creators of Mathematica, sometimes it's intresting.
  • Lucille development blog: blog written by the developer of the Lucille raytracer. Japanese. And I can't read japanese. Still, sometimes I can find some really nice stuff.
  • Peter Shirley's blog: another guy that surely does not need presentations. Raytracing and other stuff. Must read.
  • Realtimecollisiondetection: Christer Ericson's blog. I love his book, and his blog. Really smart. The book is a must read even if you don't care at all about collision detection (it has a very nice chapter about linear algebra and geometry, it's a nice introduction to space partitioning structures, and the last chapters about numerical robustness and performance optimization are a must read)
  • Senzee 5: EA technology guru. Must read.
  • Game physics: Erin Catto's blog, nice physics, shamefully it's not updated often.
  • LukeH: F# and C# at its best, from a MS guy
  • Sutter's Mill: Herb Sutter... C++ and multithreading. Must read.
  • Fabulous adventures in coding: Eric Lippert's blog, another MS guy, very nice, about some intricacies of the C# compiler.
  • Mellow Musings of dr.T: more MS, functional programming and more.
  • Generalities&Details: CLR, parallel computing,
  • Artima: news site, a little too focused on web-ish programming for me, but interesting, really well made.
  • ThinkingParallel: parallel programming at its best.
  • Diary of a graphics programmer: Wolfgang Engel, lead graphics programmer at Rockstar and ShaderX editor.
  • Coder Corner: graphics programming by Pierre Terdiman, very good.
  • Level of Detail: another incredibly good one about graphics programming. One of my favourites
  • Meshula: must read, this guy has a lot of experience. Ex-realtime rendering coder now working at ILM.
  • Cedrick Collomb: the maker of Unlocker, one must have tools for windows. And he's running a fine blog too!
  • Pixel's too many: Marco Salvi, the author of the ESM technique for soft shadows. And an ex italian demoscener too.
  • NVidia developers news: I find the ATI developer site to be more useful, but they don't seem to have a news RSS...
  • Beyond3d News: graphics technology more than programming but very good.
  • as for devmaster, it's usually boring, but still worth a read.
  • CellPerformance: Cell and PS3 (of course, in the limits of NDA), but also parallel programming in general, compiler tricks, optimizations for modern CPUs in general.
  • Mike Acton: Also on Cell (hosted on CellPerformance)
  • Physics based animation: very intersting
  • Hectorgon: I've recently added this one, looks promising!
Of course if you now any other cool feeds, please, post them in the comments section!!!


Unknown said...
All managers should read this ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link (Level of Detail)! I have just found your blog and am pouring over your previous entries. Great stuff.

John W. Ratcliff said...

Thanks for the links! Might as well pimp my own coding website 'The Code Suppository'; it's where I insert my source code into the anus of the Internet.

DEADC0DE said...

Nice! I've suggested in the post to add more feeds in the comments exactly because I wanted readers to consider other people suggestions as well, I'll surely go to read you blog now, even if the posts are kinda long but well mine are even longer so I can't complain :D