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19 July, 2012

Job free(ish)
I won't comment much on this, Capcom Vancouver is expanding and its ways of dealing with projects and technology are peculiar, some people found themselves to be not ideal fits. I did my best to honestly guide my area, as usual, in a way that I believe was for the best. It has been a very intense, stressful experience and that is why the blog also did't see many updates.
I doubt that I will be able to stay in Vancouver, considering the way the game industry is going here (I'm guessing this city became too expensive for what it offers to big game studios).
I will probably have some more time to update this blog. Stay tuned.

Update - I'll join a team until December for a project I'm really excited about, focusing on topics that are very dear to me. Then, I don't know yet... Thanks to everybody for the support and opportunities offered.

06 July, 2012

Exposure renderer

Sorry, not a "real" post yet... But I had to blog this, exposure renderer, an opensource cuda volumetric path tracer. It's soo fun, add light, change the transfer function... try it. Some images I've made with the default data sets: