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01 December, 2020

Digital Dragons 2020

Slides from my two presentations at this year's Digital Dragons. Enjoy!

Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering

A.k.a. Are we solving the wrong problems today? We have been looking a lot at certain bits and pieces of math, but are we looking at the -right- pieces? A reminder that math and physics don't matter, if they don't solve actual problems for people - artists, or players.

Note: Naty Hoffman in his presentation at Siggraph 2020 physically based shading course makes some similar (better!) remarks while he shows how we don't know Fresnel very well... Must read!

An introduction to Roblox and how its design and mission shapes the work we do to render shared worlds on almost any device, any graphics API - and how we Roblox has been achieving that for more than a decade now.

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