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01 April, 2011

Version Control for the next-gen?

Source code - a DVCS, like Mercurial
Source art - A distributed, versioning (copy on write) filesystem. Lustre and ZFS (combined). I also hear nice things about using a VCS plus a dependency tracking system to sync only what's needed for a given task (see Shotgun and Tactic)...
Build art/codecontinuous build machines publishing tested builds to a distribution system (i.e. bittorrent)



kuranes said...

All that in universal vm disks with a linux os preconfigured with only necessary ports and services. That would give a universal and easy to install and use. (just launching it makes it work)

A web GUI to configure all that: something like github (issues, fork, timelines, diff, image diff, comments, discussion, tasks, etc...)

(just have to launch the virtual machine, no other install script fu things to do.)

ESTrader said...
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